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New Target Values in Hypertension

As we are all aware, a systolic blood pressure equal or above 140 mm Hg defines currently the status of hypertension. A mega-study in the United States launched in November 2010, with its name SPRINT – Systolic Blood Pressure Intervention Trial – with almost 10’000 patients over the country had been stopped a few weeks ago and more than one year earlier as planned.

The reason: The study already proofs now, that a target value of 120 mm Hg or below lowers the risk of heart attacks, heart failure or strokes by a third for people over 60 and reduces their risk of death nearly by a quarter. The official paper will be published within a few months.

This study will for sure shake things up in the world of hypertension, as monitoring at home will gain a new level of importance. Therefore, we should prepare ourselves for the upcoming change in the behavior of high blood pressure patients, as blood pressure monitoring will get tremendously more important! We suggest using this study and knowledge for future sales promotions!

We will keep you posted with any news about this subject.

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