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Regular Blood Donations lower Hypertonia

A new study undertaken at the Charité in Berlin with 292 test persons gives proof that regular blood donations lower the blood pressure of hypertensive patients significantly and sustainbably.

In Numbers: an average of 17mmHg systolic and 12mmHg diastolic by 4 donations a year. Therefore, it lowers also the risk of the most widespread lifestyle-disease of our time: Hypertonia. Already after the first blood donation, the hypertensive patients reported a beneficial effect. A blood donation nowadays is nothing else than a phlebotomy in the past, a classical method of naturopathy.

The only difference: in the past, the blood was disposed, today the blood is reused and of high importance in the medical care. Therefore, kill two birds with one stone; lower the blood pressure and donate for others who are in need of.

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