"DK" Deluxe Automatic Blood Pressure Monitor
listens like your doctor


Product Features

  • Digital Korotkoff Technology
  • Hypertension Risk Indication
  • Irregular Heartbeat Detection (IHB)
  • 120 memories for 2-users with date and time indication
  • Average of last 3 readings
  • Jumbo size “XL” digit
  • One-touch automatic operation
  • Patented Digital Korotkoff Cone cuff
  • Lifetime calibration
  • PC Link (Optional)
  • Adaptor socket
  • Digital-Korotkoff-Technology Hypertension-Risk-Indicator 3 Irregular-Heartbeat-Detector-IHB 120-memories-for-2-users-with-date-and-time-indication Average-of-last-3-readings 5-Year-Warranty-with-Lifetime-Calibration

    Digital Korotkoff Technology

    With a proprietary microphone built into the arm cuff, the innovative DK Technology actually listens like your doctor when taking a reading. The Exclusive DK Technology delivers ABSOLUTE Accuracy by using the advanced dual sensor cuff system that senses both pressure and sound.

    Clinically Accurate  Clinically Accurate AAMI BPM

    This blood pressure monitor meets the AAMI accuracy standard requirements (AAMI/ANSI/ISO 81060-2)


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