Air Mattress Bubble


Product Features

  • Bubble mattress
  • 2 to 1 alternating therapy
  • Adjustable hangers for most bed types
  • Durable medical grade PVC
  • Extension flags for stabilization
  • High quality pump
  • Weight indicator pressure adjustment setting
  • 6 minutes cycling time
  • Near silent low noise
  • For prevention and treatment of patients
         at low risk of pressure ulcers
  • Low-Noise-Operation 2 Medical-grade-PVC 2to1-alternating-therapy Extension-flags-for-stabilisation Easy-to-use-adjustment Adjustable-hangers

    2 to 1 alternating therapy

    2to1-alternating-therapy-illustrationRossmax Air Mattress range is available in two versions: bubble type and cell type. With this complete assortment we offer solutions for all four “Pressure Ulcer Classification” Stage 1 - 4. Whereas the bubble-type is recommended for stage 1 and 2, the cell-type is suggested for stage 2 - 4. The 2 to 1 alternating inflation method is inflating ½ of the cells and deflating the other ½.
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