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Blood Pressure Monitor

V7 - Mobility & Dual Power
Suction Unit

Handheld Pulse Oximeter

Peak Flow Meter PF120A & PF120C

PeakFlowMeter SpecialNewsletter Big

How to use a Peak Flow Meter?

A Peak Flow Meter measures the peak expiratory flow rate which is a patient’s maximum speed of expiration. Mostly used as a control device if patient is improving their expiration at home. Rossmax offers this device in an adult and child version.

Target Group

Generally Asthma-Patients

Aero Spacer AS175

AeroSpacer SpecialNewsletter Big

How to use the Aero Spacer (air chamber)?

An Aero Spacer is used in combination with a MDI, metered dose inhaler. To make it easier to use the MDI and also to ensure the delivery of medication gets into the lungs more deeply, the use of an air chamber is recommended. No matter if child or adult, the Aero Spacer ensures the correct use of the MDI, allows more time to coordinate the inhalation and reduces the deposition of particles in the mouth or tongue and therefore may reduce side effects from the medication. Rossmax offers this device in 3 colors, either with mouthpiece or masks (S, M, L size).

Target Group

Generally Asthma-Patients who use a MDI

Air Mattresses AM30 & AM40

Mattresses SpecialNewsletter Big

How to use an Air Mattress?

Depending on the stage of a patient’s pressure ulcer, an Air Mattress can help to improve/reduce, through the alternating inflation, the level of the illness, or even prevent the building of (new) decubitus. Additionally, it increases the comfort of the patient tremendously. Rossmax offers this device in two versions: AM30 Bubble Type (Prevention & Stage I) and AM40 Cell Type (From prevention to Stage III).

Mattresses Chart

Target Group

Generally patients who suffer / or want to prevent from decubitus, Elderly Homes, Hospitals, Doctors Offices, Home Care Services, Health Insurance Companies, Residential Care Homes, Health Resorts, Polyclinics or any Medical Stores.

Heating Pad HP3040A & HP4060A

HeatingPad SpecialNewsletter Big

How to use the Heating Pad?

In general, a Heating Pad is used for cozy warmth and heat therapy to relieve pain. Heat opens up blood vessels, which increases blood flow, circulation and supplies oxygen and nutrients to reduce pain in joints and relax sore muscles, ligaments, and tendons. The user shall treat her-/himself if she/he feels the need of warmth, stiff joints or chronic muscle and joint pain. Rossmax offers this device in two versions: HP3040A in regular size or HP4060A in XXL-size = 40 x 60 cm, which is very comfortable to “heat” your body.

Target Group



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